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I'm sure you've watched golf tip videos and read all the magazines. The Golf Performance Lab has weeded out the garbage and will educate you on the key principles of how to improve and guarantee the results you are looking for.

Best Value

Hundred's of golf execution plans to learn how to pick up distance, consistency, short game strategies, putting and much more. Drills and video demonstrations with PGA Tour insight and proven strategies.

  • PGA Tour Access, Inside The Ropes Practice Drills
  • Performance Coaching
  • Mobile Friendly To Train Anywhere
  • Become The Smartest Golfer In Your Group

All Golf Training Programs Include These Amazing Features

Easily customizable golf training programs for you to improve quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I join this community?

This is the only online golf community with step-by-step how to guides for each aspect of the game. PGA Director of Instruction ("the players coach") personally uses these golf training systems for his own game, while prepping for PGA Tour events and major championships. How many coaches do you know practice what they preach? (and are successfully playing at the highest level)

Why would you give this away to the public?

When I began golf, I had little to no instruction... I read books to find out how the greats did it. When I went to college I went to "top 50" golf instructors and I got worse. Luckily towards the end of my career I found a few great coaches who coached players like Hunter Mahan, Jason Day and Tiger Woods. When I became a coach myself, I was mad at what I had been told in my early golf days and want to help eliminate other golfers frustrations.

I've tried other online golf coaching programs and didn't get any better...

I've yet to find one online training program that shows you step-by-step exactly how to improve your game. I have broken this down into many different aspects of the game (i.e. how to increase distance and accuracy to pre round warm up and preparation). Each program starts at the very basics and progresses through until you are a master of the game in that area. Programs come with baseline tests, checklists, calendars and more to ensure you are 100% educated on the material.