• The 6 Aspects
    To Gain more Distance


    Speed & Power Practice, Level 1
    6 Structured Practices
    11 Drills to Increase Distance and Improve Accuracy


    Step-by-Step Coaching
    Structured practices with video instruction,worksheets
    Drills that translate to performance on the course

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Speed and Power Practice Plan

The most common question I receive as a coach is, how do I hit it farther? I have put together the 6 aspects that create power and speed to increase your distance. Just like all practice plans, you will be emailed daily/weekly from step 1 practice all the way through the final practice.

My goal is to show you those key elements in a step-by-step format to ensure you develop all of the tools necessary to play your best golf.

Speed & Power Plan Outline Speed & Power Plan, Level 1 Train the 6 aspects for more distance $29

6 Planned practices

3 At home practices

3 Golf Course Practices

11 Drills to build your speed and distance

Video instruction and coaching

The correct process to gain distance and improve consistency!

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