best sport psychology for golf

Feet together tempo drill

Best golf Drill Ever! Tempo and transition is arguably the most important element to create consistently solid shots. But how do we practice good tempo? This drill below fixes so many flaws with many of my students without thinking about mechanics. Feet together tempo drill – see below for instructions Slowly progress to full swing […]

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Golfers Process

Evaluate. Plan. Train. Mindset. Feedback.  Learn the facts about how to improve your golf. Its not the hours you work, its how you work in those hours!  As a golf coach that has seen success and failures of many players, I am fed up with traditional golf instruction. Fact: IT DOES NOT MAKE YOU BETTER.

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Application of Knowledge

Below is an example from my last consultation with a client online in the Player Performance Program. This should give you an idea of the golf performance training tools and how you apply them to your ongoing training! Application of all the mental tools: It doesn’t matter what you learned if you don’t apply them

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