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Focus Drill for Golf

Circle 18 Game for Focus I challenge you to do something you’ve probably not done before while playing golf. During your next round, I’d like you not to make a good score your goal. Don’t even write any numbers on the scorecard. Your goal will be hitting every shot as best you can. I’m sure you’re thinking this sounds counter-intuitive.

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Welcome to Mental Game Plan

STAY PATIENT! Stay on top of all emails and articles. Not all of the “tools” will excite you, my goal is for you to find at least one “tool” that you will click with and use in your daily golf development. Congratulations on taking the first step (and probably the biggest step) to improving your

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Core Values

Before you can change your (golf) life, you have to have 100% belief in what you are doing. Through my time as a golf instructor and college golf coach, I have found similarities among the golfers that see improvement and continually progress.  100% belief in what they practice and how they play the game Clarity

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