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Welcome to Mental Game Plan

STAY PATIENT! Stay on top of all emails and articles. Not all of the “tools” will excite you, my goal is for you to find at least one “tool” that you will click with and use in your daily golf development. Congratulations on taking the first step (and probably the biggest step) to improving your […]

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Application of Knowledge

Below is an example from my last consultation with a client online in the Player Performance Program. This should give you an idea of the golf performance training tools and how you apply them to your ongoing training! Application of all the mental tools: It doesn’t matter what you learned if you don’t apply them

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Practice Golf Controllables

In life there are many things we can control and others we cannot. This is the same with golf. Often times we like to blame others, the golf course, and/or mother nature when things do not go the way we intended on the golf course. It is important with golf to focus primarily on the

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