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full swing practice gabe

https://youtu.be/fe7_32gHKiQ Discussion between JJ Wood, PGA and College Golfer Alec Brown Arguably, the most important aspect of the golf swing is transition. I preach to all of my players the importance of set up, impact and tempo. All great players incorporate drills every day to practice these aspects and you can to! There are many training aids …

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Podcast 10

Podcast Episode 10 Greater Houston Golfers MAKING HOUSTON THE BEST GOLF CITY IN AMERICA With Founder of The Greater Houston Golfers Facebook Group Chris Price Golf Performance Group and the Greater Houston Golfers facebook group both have a mission to grow the game in the city of Houston.  Founder of GHG, Chris Price has built a …

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Podcast 3

Podcast Episode 3 LEBRONALD LESSON 2 Listen To Episode 3 Now HOW TO FIX Swing Positions Effectively & Quickly It’s easy for someone to identify swing flaws. but the key is HOW to fix those flaws. Most golfers take a lesson on the driving range, and try to fix their swing on the range. This …

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Golf Tension Free

IMAGINE IF YOUR GOLF SWING WAS TENSION FREE The Key To A Consistent Golf SwingTension dictates our golf swing positions and ball flight control more than we think. I constantly hear golfers give the tip of “keep your head down” or “just trust it”, I think we can all agree this is easier said than …

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Podcast Episode 2

GOLF PERFORMANCE PODCAST EP. 2 LEBRONALD’S 90-DAY CHALLENGEIn episode 2, Lebronald jumps straight into the 90-day challenge. This program is designed to help golfers of any age or ability learn the key elements all great players possess to improve their game. In this episode we jump on the Trackman to get a baseline test for …

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Performance Feedback

Gathering feedback is mandatory for golfers that want to achieve their peak potential. There are many similarities in what successful athletes across all sports do consistently to perform at their best. OTHER SPORTSTake the NFL for example, on Tuesday’s all players sit in a classroom and  watch video, going through each play from the previous …

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