Beginner Program Quick Start


Dashboard below you will find all the lessons in this course. It is strategically designed for you to follow step-by-step for the student to learn best.

Recommended follow the lessons starting with Lesson 1 sequentially. This will help ensure you you learn the material as intended to improve faster.

Quick Start To Learning Golf

Step-by-step coaching with lesson plans to guarantee your improvement


Congratulations! You have taken the first step (and best option) to learning the golf. My goal is to get you out playing golf as quickly as possible. The value in this program is its training strategy. Please read through each lesson before trying to complete the exercises. This will eliminate confusion and help you learn faster.

STAY PATIENT follow the process and read the articles. Not all of the “tools” will excite you, my goal is for you to learn the basics quickly so you can get out on the course and enjoy this great cam.

Golf is a mental game, start here with learning how to calm your mind so you can be athletic when playing on the course. You can thank me later!

In this program, you will be guided step-by-step through every aspect of the game.

If you have questions throughout this program, please feel free to set up a skype or phone call appointment at a discounted price. I work with individuals in various locations and would love to help you if you need more personalized attention!

Good Luck!

Lesson 1

Full swing to learn the basics and hit the ball solid, consistently.

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Lesson 2

Short Game

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Lesson 3


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Lesson 4

Playing On The Course

Rules & Etiquette

Pre Shot Routine

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