My practice goals for today’s practice 

  • Establish Solid Contact
  • Build Feel and Timing
  • Feedback and Improve

When I am teaching a beginner or someone is just getting back into the game after a long lay off, it is important to start simple. The first goal is to establish consistent contact. You do this by hitting small shots and focusing on your tempo.

Practice Structure I progress from short to long shots. I then evaluate my practice and end my practice working on my weakness and reinforcing good tempo. See below for my practice broken down.

Important Note You probably do not have a couple of the training devices I use for this practice. You can use the traditional practice method to simulate both training aids.

Blast Motion Sensor pay special attention to your tempo, try to repeat your tempo consistently on the wedge shots.

Gabe Swing Trainer simulate the Gabe Swing Trainer by pausing at the top of your golf swing. Be very disciplined and relaxed when you start your down swing.

Ladder Drill for Wedges
Club used – 60 degree wedge

What is the ladder drill? The ladder drill is a great drill to work on your distance control with your wedges. At our golf academy we have target signs set up at 5 distances – 40 yards, 50 yards, 60 yards, 70 yards, 80 yards. 

Instructions for ladder drill 

  • Do not hit the same shot twice. Hit 40 yards, 50, 60, etc…
  • In my example, 5 shots equals one set
  • Complete 4 sets, equal to 20 shots

Blast Motion Sensor for tempo with my wedges

In November of 2017, I played in a partner tournament for the South Texas PGA. I was hitting the ball great off the tee, but my wedges were not consistent at all. I made 0 birdies after having 100 yards or closer on my approach shot on 10 holes. We lost by one shot!

This drill with blast motion sensor helps me develop a consistent tempo on each swing. So I am going to hit 5 shots to each target before switching targets. After my first shot (if it turns out to a good shot), I am going to try and match the “swing time for the next 4 shots to that target. I repeat the process for the next 4 targets. This drill is a total of 20 shots. 

The first full swing I took was with the Gabe Swing Trainer. The Gabe Trainer helps me establish a feel for proper sequence in the transition of my golf swing. 

I hit 10 shots with the Gabe Trainer before switch to my regular 7 iron to work on technique

Block practice with 7 iron

Block practice refers to hitting ball after ball, with no pre shot routine and hitting the same club. Most golfers only do this style of practice with is not recommended. I am doing this for a total of 20 shots to work on my technique to improve the width of my back swing, as well as a square club face going back. It is important to only work on one technical aspect each swing. 10 balls with the width of the back swing thought, 10 balls with club face on back swing thought. 

Quick Driver Practice

The driver is one of my strengths because I am longer than most and fairly accurate. I am just going to hit 5 balls with my driver because my back is feeling tight and I do not want to get injured on my first day!

Deliberate Practice
5 drivers going through my pre shot routine and picking a different target each time.

My only swing thought is the tempo, being slow in the transition at the top of my swing. This is my key to hitting it well off the tee.

I teach my players to evaluate every shot they have and write down their thoughts while they are practicing. During this practice, I hit a few shots left with my 7 iron when I worked on the club face being more closed going back. My natural tendency is to get it open going back, stall my hips through impact to allow myself to flip my hands and “save” the shot. 

Now with a good club face going back, if I flip at impact it will go left. I am staying committed to my back swing club face being in a better position, therefore I am going to focus on taking my hands out of it coming down. 

I end my practice with 5 shots working on my weakness and 5 more shots on tempo
5 shots focused on exiting left through impact, eliminating the flip of the hands
5 shots with Gabe Swing Trainer to reinforce a good swing sequence. 

Drills & Training Aid Information

 Demonstrations with videos and images of the drills

Ladder Drill each sign is set up in 10 yard increments – 40-80 yards.

Training Aids Used   Blast Motion Sensor Info     Gabe Swing Trainer Info