Develop Performance Mindset Before Each Shot


Instructions +

Instructions for Mental Game Scorecard

The goal when playing on the course is to have the best pre shot routine process as possible. The mental game scorecard gives you a practical exercise to improve your pre shot routine process.

  1. Your only focus is to have as consistent pre shot routine before hitting each shot
  2. After the shot you will grade yourself 1-10 on the ability to execute your pre shot routine and how well you trusted your swing. This is a self-evaluation.
    • Score of 1 would be terrible – example, you were worried about the water hazard on the left and swung while just hoping for the best
    • Score of 10 would be perfect – you were 100% comfortable and only thoughts entered your mind were the 5 steps for a perfect routine process


Objective When Playing +

OBJECTIVE  train yourself to be process oriented

  1. Do NOT keep score of what you are shooting. This exercise is to train you to be focused on the process and not the result.
  2. When swing thoughts enter your mind, let them go. Do NOT dwell on them or act on them. If this happens, back off and restart your routine.
  3. When score enters your mind, follow the same process listed in #2.
  4. When fear enters your mind, follow the same process listed in #2.
  5. When you restart your routine, establish the proper breathing pattern (deep belly breathing) that is designed to help you relax and be athletic.

It is important for you to be completely honest with yourself after each shot. The more open and honest you are, the more benefit you will get.

Before Your Next Round +


  1. Download the mental game scorecard
  2. Use this as your scorecard for the round of golf (do not use the golf course scorecard)
  3. Write down your score after each shot. (ASAP, if you wait until the end of the hole, you will not provide an accurate score for 2 shots before)


After the Round +


  1. Find overall pre-shot routine score for entire round Formula
    Add up scores from all shots /
    total number of shots scored =
    overall mental game score for day


JJ Wood, PGA

Founder of Golf Performance Group, PGA Director of Instruction,  NCAA High Performance Coach and PGA Tour Playing Experience. JJ Wood has dedicated his career to researching best game improvement strategies to help all golfers practice more efficiently for faster results.

JJ Wood, PGA Director of Instruction