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How To Practice For Golf Performance

HOW TO PRACTICE Golf is the worst practiced sport in the world – Golf Science Lab Balanced Playing verse practicing Block, Deliberate, Random, Sequential Different areas of the game Simulation of golf course Routine Daily Practice Pre-Shot Post-Shot Tournament Prep WHY IS GOLF SO HARD? Golf skills need to be precise. Depending on the amount of […]

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Golf Pre shot practice swings

Feel Your Golf Practice Swing Golfers struggle to be athletic when playing golf because they have a hard time transition from their analytical (think too much) side of their brain to their athletic side of their brain. The most common error I see when working with players is that they have “mechanical” (technique) related swing

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Recap of Journaling

Here is my review from journaling from this past week. Below is what I would like you to take away from the journaling portion. Agenda for this past week on journaling: 1. Continue 3 process goals each day 2. Add in 90 day journal each night – benefit is to change mindset and establish habit of journaling.

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Self Talk for Confidence

Self-Talk Worksheet Self-talk is an effective technique to control thoughts and influence feelings. Thoughts + Feelings + Physical Technique = Performance Self-talk refers to the words you actually speak, which influence the thought in your head. 3 categories of Self-Talk: Task specific statements relating to technique – words or statements that reinforce technique. Example, “Turn

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Mental Tool 6: Golf Confidence

What is Golf Confidence? This past week Ohio State competed at the Big 10 Championship at Victory National Golf Club. This was a serious test of golf that exposed the player that was not 100% confident in their game. Through 3 rounds Ohio State was in second place, trailing only the University of Illinois, which

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Improve Your Short Game

Anyone can learn to have a good short game! jj wood golf short game

As a college golf coach there is nothing more frustrating than watching your players struggle with their short game. The short game requires a small simple swing, which does not require much talent or athleticism. Sure, some players possess more talent with their short game such as soft hands, touch, and creativity, but anybody can practice their way into being a good short game player in golf.

When I was in college I didn’t possess the natural ability to be a phenomenal putter. I worked my way in order to be a functional putter in order to be an above average college player and post quality golf scores to help my team. I did this by:

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