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Internationals Recruits & JUCO Transfers NCAA v NAIA

The American educational system can be difficult to figure out for many international prospective athletes. What is the best option for international recruits?
What is best for you, NCAA or NAIA?
Transfers fight an up hill battle at times finding a 4 year college institution. Learn the best practices to find your best school when TRANSFERING from a JUCO or 4 Year school!

Improve Your Short Game

Anyone can learn to have a good short game! jj wood golf short game

As a college golf coach there is nothing more frustrating than watching your players struggle with their short game. The short game requires a small simple swing, which does not require much talent or athleticism. Sure, some players possess more talent with their short game such as soft hands, touch, and creativity, but anybody can practice their way into being a good short game player in golf.

When I was in college I didn’t possess the natural ability to be a phenomenal putter. I worked my way in order to be a functional putter in order to be an above average college player and post quality golf scores to help my team. I did this by:

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