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Drills you can do indoors and when you go the course for practice focused on key principles all golfers need for consistency.



Over the course of time golf has seen advancement in golf instruction, yet the great players from all generations have certain aspects that are the same.

These videos focus on drills to build those similar aspects. These are not “swing methods” or tips, there is a process to building your full swing found on the Full Swing Template, we recommend you follow the process to see best results. You can mix in these drills as you build your full swing.


Turn in Posture

Heavy Club, Swing Positions

Feet Together, Balance and Tempo

Objective build a powerful and consistent swing by developing the correct motor pattern when swinging a golf club.

Note turning properly in the golf swing is unnatural and awkward for most of us. This exercise is the best way to build the correct turn (fast), without the frustration of working on it at the golf course.


Objective establish key swing positions indoors without hitting a ball for faster improvement. This is very important for your mental game and performance at the course.

When hitting shots at the course, we will do what is comfortable (typically the wrong swing positions). Do this very slowly, with a heavy club if possible and you will make changes faster and have more fun at the course.

Note golfers should start with the first video of how to turn in posture. If you turn correctly, on plane, it makes it much easier to perform the key swing positions.

Practice Info build fundamental swing positions without hitting a golf ball. This allows you to practice feel, tempo and shot shaping when you have time to go to the course.

heavy club drill


Objective develop key fundamentals while warming up without thinking about it. The best drills are when the drill allows your mind to be free and your body naturally performs the correct movement. This drill should be done each time you warm up on the range, or when you have a few spare minutes to swing a club.

Note Rickie Fowler does this drill every day when he warms up.


Takeaway (P2)


Cardboard Box Drill

Objective start the swing with the correct move. Most (not all) PGA Tour players have the club outside their hands at P2 (when the shaft is parallel to the ground on the backswing

Note if you screw this up, you have to make a manipulation later in the swing to hit a good shot. Some tour players (less than 5%) have the talent and timing to pull it off consistently. The rest of them take it away correctly and you should too!

Objective develop proper impact by making small, slower paced swings in order to impact the ball correctly.

Note it is nearly impossible to fix your impact going full speed. Hitting 20-30 yard small pitch shots is the best way to learn proper impact.

Objective after a smooth transition at the top of the swing, develop a FEEL to use the ground as levarage to create optimal speed and club face control through impact.

Note this is new and different, but it is the correct way to prevent injury and improve your game. Great drills give you a feel to remember, then remove the cardboard and simulate the FEEL in your swing going SLOWLY. Get the sequence of the transition and turn to downswing perfectly with a lot of repetitions, not hitting a golf ball.

Impact Ball and Water Skier Drill








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